Bitcoin will save us - Cryptocurrency appeared in the protests in the US




Some signs mention Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during the protests that have been storming social networks. A protester in Raleigh, North Carolina, brought along a sign with the name of the book "Bitcoin and African Americans" - by Isaiah Jackson, who explored the combination of economy, Bitcoin and blockchain technology



The role of cryptocurencies in recent protests across the globe
Cryptocurrencies continue to be a topic discussed in the context of protests that have taken place in recent years around the world.

In 2019, the anti-democratic and anti-government movement in Hong Kong has pushed for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Political upheaval has encouraged some local businesses and individuals to switch to decentralized digital currencies.

In Latin America, cryptocurrencies play an important role in the protests that occurred in the last quarter of 2019 in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.




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