Pioneering the Diamond Blockchain

Blockchain technology and Crypto currencies are transforming the world and the Diamond industry is no exception. Despite some nascent efforts, no blockchain ecosystem focused on the diamond industry has been designed that encompasses the various issues faced by the industry.

The need for transparency, visibility and objectivity in the diamond industry was felt many decades ago. The need for person to person contact when processing a diamond purchase or sale, limited the size of the market. Ceresglobal focuses on integrating the best features of the conventional diamond industry with, the utility and functionality of the latest blockchain technology.

Diamond Industry

Diamond is one of the worlds, and especially Africa, the main natural resource. An estimated US $ 15 billion in rough diamonds is produced each year, of which about US $ 8.5 billion comes from Africa (about 65%). The diamond industry employs about ten million people worldwide, both directly and indirectly, on a range of roles from mining to retail. Global diamond jewelry sales continue to grow, tripling in the last 25 years and currently exceeding $ 79 billion annually.

Diamond jewelry supply chain (called diamond pipeline) is the process of bringing diamonds from the earth to consumers. It has several different stages:

CERESGLOBAL is a global startup that uses the latest technology including blockchain, smart contracts and machine learning to support reducing risks and frauds for banks, insurance companies and open markets in the industry. Diamond and gemstone industry. We provide a full ecosystem for the diamond industry from supply chain solutions, to diamond tracking and certification, and finally decentralized exchange for diamond trading and related services.

Block chain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and the diamond industry is no exception. Despite some new efforts, none of the blockchain ecosystems focused on the diamond industry have been designed to cover the various issues facing the industry.

The need for transparency, visibility and objectivity in the diamond industry was felt decades ago. The need for person-to-person contact when dealing with buying or selling diamonds limits the size of the market. CERESGLOBAL focuses on integrating the best features of the conventional diamond industry with the utility and functionality of the latest blockchain technology.

CERESGLOBAL builds an open blockchain-based consumer and ownership ecosystem for the diamond industry, where all diamond transactions can be conducted and coordinated with the CERES INVESTMET stock exchange trust team.


Ceres Investment was established in 2005 as a group specializing in providing trust services, trading authorizations, and investment management in the field of foreign exchange.

Ceres Investment was founded by Ceresglobal and a Wall Street group of individuals, along with analysts in the stock market such as Nasdaq, S&P500, etc. They are knowledgeable about the psychology and behavior of individual investors. as well as having seniority in the field of securities analysis in the most dynamic market in the world. With many years of experience in researching market movements, especially the changes in Wall Street from the market crash in 1929, the change of the gold standard system during World War II. US Dollar position. Until the real experience in the 90s when Asian financial markets collapsed, Gulf wars, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Irag wars ... they accumulated a treasure for themselves. massive knowledge. The CEO of Ceres Investment was also a member of the advisory team for the IMF to activate emergency monetary mechanism to help the world financial market escape the crisis in 2003.

High profits

Ceres Investment is managed and licensed by leading prestigious organizations in the world, which is certified from licenses such as FCA, BaFin, ASIC, RAK, FSC ... and Loyd’s money insurance fund.

Ceres Investment mainly deals in European and American sessions. The orders are mainly from Scalping, using EA at the time of Sideway to take advantage of strong volatility. Besides, managing capital by technology 4.0 robot.

Many customer partners have trusted and partnered with Ceres Investment because we always value our partners 'satisfaction and always treat our partners' capital as our own. In addition, Ceres Investment commits to accompany customers to share transaction risks. Therefore, the partner is completely assured when authorizing Ceres Investment to transact.

The statistics for Ceres Investment are as follows:


We incorporate the latest blockchain technology into the supply chain of the diamond industry. This opens up a new platform for conducting global trade in diamonds. In addition to reducing transaction-related costs, CERESGLOBAL eliminates the inherent inefficiency of paper transaction processing. A set of advanced functions are implemented to provide sophisticated and detailed diamond tracking and tracking. The goal is to decentralize the market for diamonds, which will open up a lot of access for diamond buyers and sellers. The diamond trade does not require ancillary services such as transportation, finance and insurance. These services will be provided by separate service providers. The CERESGLOBAL project will only integrate them within the platform and not charge commissions or brokers for such third party services.


There is no doubt that the implementation of CERESGLOBAL, will increase the market scope of the diamond industry. The increased visibility of the products and the adoption of a cryptocurrency, will help diamond dealers at all levels to increase their market share. At the same time the transparency of the entire process and the authenticity of diamonds will instill confidence in both the first and the first diamond investor. The absence of middlemen and reduced transportation and other related costs, will allow for highly competitive prices.