Team Leader would like to send to you the investor the process of converting and withdrawing profits from USD into a new token of CRSTK Group

Phase 1: The Group is completing the renaming and smart contract for new tokens (CRSTK) on its websites and exchanges ( and

Phase 2: The above process will be implemented urgently and completed before May 20, 2020.

Phase 3: Investors withdraw all of the CRS stored on CITEX and CREX24 to Trust wallets (this section will have a notice from exchange floor) and must be done on May 20, 2020, after on May 20, 2020 the withdrawal order will be VOID and the CRS salary on the floor will be completely deleted to prepare for the new code change process (CRSTK).

Phase 4: On May 21, 2020, the Group will begin the process of exchanging the entire amount of CRS of investors in CRSTK at equivalent value (this procedure will have a specific instruction form).

Phase 5: The Group will reopen the interest rate conversion port from USD to CRSTK and the withdrawal port of CRSTK to trust wallets or wallets on Exchange floor (after completing stage 4).

In order to avoid any losses to investors in the process of completing the system, investors should follow the requirements in each period as stated in the notice and please do not make redemption and withdrawal to the wallet. by CRS during this period.

NOTE: Any transactions during this period if any problems occur the Group will not be responsible

 Thank you for your cooperation!